"Echte fründe stonn zesamme! Auch Kölle hat den Pott !!"

"Echte fründe stonn zesamme! Auch Kölle hat den Pott !!"

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"Cup, Cologne flag - crazy weeks are ending in Berlin!"

"Cup, Cologne flag - crazy weeks are ending in Berlin!"

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"The Cup is in Berlin!!!"

"The Cup is in Berlin!!!"

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I’m laughing so hard

I’m laughing so hard

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"We’re a bit(e) funny.."

"We’re a bit(e) funny.."

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Here’s another Ben Duffy photo. Doesn’t look like a draw to me.
Sieht für mich nicht nach Unentschieden aus.
via. Per’s facebook

Here’s another Ben Duffy photo. Doesn’t look like a draw to me.

Sieht für mich nicht nach Unentschieden aus.

via. Per’s facebook

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osodegominola asked »9 photos of Mats Hummels with the NT

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Either Benedikt Höwedes or Lars Bender will replace the Yellow Card blocked Jerome Boateng, in Sunday’s final group stage game against Denmark. This was announced by head coach Joachim Loew on Saturday before the final practice of the DFB team in Lviv. “There is the consideration of who starts,  Höwedes or Bender”  Löw  after the one-hour flight from the German quarter near Gdansk in the Western Ukraine.

Still in Gdansk, Höwedes gave an interview:

AZ: Mr. Höwedes, “sometimes I lack the nimbleness” They were added last. How then is the state of affairs?

Höwedes: Unfortunately I was injured more frequently in the past season. But in practice I could work on it and I also think that I have made progress in this respect.

The voice is like?

It has always a certain feeling, how to develop to a certain position. And this feeling is very good.

How much feedback you get from the coaching staff?

This is quite different. Sure we speak now and then. But it’s not that they make up every day. The last long conversation we had at the end of training camp in southern France.

With what content?

The does not matter here.

When it came to filling the right-back role, you were not even mentioned more recently. Does this surprise you?

Of course, I’ve noticed that too. But these things I do not have to be considered. I’m glad I’m here at the European Championships and must pass here my first big tournament with the national team. I need to make any demands, but I can only recommend the training services. I am the wrong person when it comes to the question, so I will now no longer known to the public.

This sounds very diplomatic.

Every player wants to play, I also, of course. That’s not a question. But the coach decides who he then sets up. Why then is no longer under discussion is the need to answer other people.

How is that for someone who is one of the major players in the club captain, and even here in the national team but only a reserve player, and at worst stopgap?

The role is different already. Schalke captain as I have a very responsible task. Here there are other players who must first take responsibility and do their thing well. You have to subordinate themselves first more. This is not a problem for me, I’m still a young player.

What impressions do you have obtained during your first major tournament already?

Everything has been a very interesting experience. It’s been a long time that we as a team together. Especially in training camp but was causing a lot of variety, including the trip to Formula 1 That was in retrospect very good for team spirit. Here in Gdansk, we also have a few opportunities for leisure activities. In general, you can already see how we can further develop in the course of a tournament as a team. It’s fun to be part of this team.

How will you spend your leisure time on the zugebenermaßen beautiful but very remote resort?

I play a lot of billiards, mostly against Lars Bender. Or Per Mertesacker on a slot machine, which was set up. Who is faster, the five errors in the picture …? Otherwise, I read a nice book or just rest from me. And of course we are pursuing the other games.

Have you noticed since on “your” positions, ie at the inner or rights defenders, something or someone very far?

Actually not. The Italians, with their stronghold and De Rossi as a sweeper against Spain maybe. A single player is not particularly moved me in the spotlight. But you can already see that most teams are set up defensively. Since there is some teams are not easy to pull off their game and to get scoring chances.

Nevertheless, the goals per game so far is very neat.

What is proof again that many teams move on a very high level. The Spanish, we also Croatia and the Russians have been properly added to the offensive, Portugal scored three goals last. The aggressive quality at this tournament is already enormous.

In preparation, some players have arrived, which were not physically at their usual level. In time for the start of the tournament, almost all players were in top shape but again. Can you describe the work of the medical department?

I fared even so, I had severe problems in getting even with the calf. But Klaus Eder and fitness trainer I have again made fit. They are doing excellent work, we are physically in very good condition. We have also done a lot. Even in the so-called recovery training camp in Sardinia, we have worked hard in the south of France anyway. Ultimately, those were the two test matches but not good conditions, but of course taken into account. We were ready to start the tournament and we did.

Many other nations have been exposed to multiple failures at times because players had been hurt in the training camps. The German team is not. A coincidence?

I do not know. We are very well organized and prepared. Each training session is planned well in advance and organized. All this contributes to the fact that we are on the fitness level that we have achieved today.

You can count on a mission in the game against Denmark? What does your gut?

I have no feeling. I let myself be surprised how the coach will decide. I can not do more than I do.

(Source - google translated)

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9 photos of - 'cutest moment of die mannschaft' (asked by germanyntlover)

I had a problem with this photoset because i don’t really know what is a “cute pic of die mannschaft” haha. I mean, i don’t know if a pic is cute or not. I made a photoset with 9 pics of beautiful moments or something like that, or beautiful pics in general. I hope you like it :)

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6 photos of - Benedikt Höwedes with the NT (asked by on-the-bright-side-of-life)

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