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1. Who is your favourite driver?

2. Who is the driver that you dislike?

3. When since you follow the F1?

4. What is your first memory in F1?

5. What is your best memory in F1?

6. What is your worst memory in F1?

7. Best track

8. Worst track

9. What do you think of regulation 2015?

10. What is your dream team? (with current or old drivers)

11. What is the most beautiful car in 2014?

12. What is the ugliest car in 2014?

13. What is the most beautiful car of all F1 history?

14. Rob Smedley-Felipe Massa or Guillaume Rocquelin-Sebastian Vettel

15. What is your dream podium?

16. Would you like to do a job about F1?

17. Williams Martini Racing or Sahara Force India?

18.  Scuderia Ferrari or McLaren F1?

19. Marussia F1 Team or Caterham F1 Team?

20. Who is your favourite French driver?

21. Who is the driver is the most over-estimated?

22. If your birthday is the same day that a GP, do you watch the race or do you celebrate with your friends?

23. What is the best season for you?

24. Do you prefer 8 teams with 3 cars or 11 (or 12-13) teams with 2 cars?

25. What is your favourite team?

26. What is the team that you dislike?

27. Who is the greatest genius of the F1? (drivers or not)

28. Who is the tallest F1 drivers of all F1 history?

29.Have you already attend at a race?

30. If no, where do you would go to assist at a race

31. Best race

32. Worst race

33. What is the conversation radio that you most marked?

34. What is the number that you would like to have if you were a Formula 1 driver?

35. How would be your helmet?

36. What do you think of the women drivers?

37. Have you ever played at a F1 game on computer or game console?

38. Who is the driver that you take to do a race on console?

39. Do you have a lot of F1 book?

40. What is the best overtake?

41. Do you think that the drivers need the best car to be world champion?

42. Who is the driver, in a less category, that you would like to see in F1 in the next years?

43. Sebastian Vettel or Fernando alonso

44. Nico Rosberg or Lewis Hamilton

45. What is the best duo of drivers this year?

46. Do you find that there is a lot of blog about your favourite driver?

47. What is the most impressive crash?

48. When is the last time you were really excited thanks to F1?

49. Who is the best F1 commentator? And the worst?

50. Do your friends think you’re crazy when you talk about F1?



As I was in my race suit for the last ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I’ve gone for it again! Here goes part 2.


Sebastian Vettel | Weltmeister 2010, 2011 ™ on We Heart It.

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