Charles today (Friday) at the Hungaroring, Hungary

Lewis Hamilton | Hungarian GP
“I always felt Germany would win the World Cup. Benedikt Höwedes for example, did very well in defence”
- Pep Guardiola (via fuckyeahowedes)
“I’m always giving him grief about fastest laps. He’ll be leading comfortably into the last lap, nothing to be gained by taking any risks, and on the timing screens the first sector goes purple [indicating fastest of the day]. Rocky’s telling him to take it easy, stroke it home. Second sector goes purple. As he takes the flag, the third sector goes purple. So he’s got fastest lap. He’s doing all his celebrating on the slowing-down lap, and he comes on the radio: ‘Did I get fastest lap?’ Rocky says, ‘No, you missed it by a tenth.’ ‘I can’t believe that,’ he says, ‘that can’t be right.’ So then Rocky says, ‘Yes, you did get fastest lap. And you’re a bloody idiot’”
- Christian Horner about Seb and Rocky (via k-fascination)

(Fuente: successisabeautifuljourney)

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Hungaroring, Thursday, 2014